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8/21/12  EMF provides fiscal sponsorship to the 
Harmony Film project for educational outreach and global distribution.

3/31/12  EMF announces that it is no longer accepting unsolicited proposals for financial assistance. Project development consulting services and fiscal sponsorship remain available on a limited, case by case basis.

2/1 - 2/7 EMF supports the efforts of the
San Francisco Green Film Festival. Bob Silvestri appears on panels on The Future of Documentary Film Funding and Storytelling For Change.

1/25/12  EMF provides story development advisory services for the PBS documentary, 
Wild Horses in Winds of Change by Mara LeGrand.

1/10/12  EMF provides project fundraising advisory services for
Priceless, the award winning documentary about how big money corrupts our electoral process, how our laws are made and how policies about food and energy are twisted to suit the highest bidder for influence. 

1/3/12   EMF helps arrange the world premiere of 
Who Bombed Judi Bari to the San Francisco Green Film Festival on March 2nd.


10/28/11  EMF provides story development advisory services for Elizabeth Thompson's feature documentary, This Dewdrop World.

10/15/11  EMF provides project development advisory services for 
Sylvie Rokab's documentary film.

10/02/11  EMF provides story development advisory assistance for
Expedition Bhutan, a new feature documentary in production. Follow their footsteps on WhyBhutan.com.

09/26/11  EMF board members
Bob Silvestri and Annie Roney attend The Good Pitch San Francisco as panelists.

08/15/11  EMF provides project development services for
A Trillion Dollar Idea - The Art Rosenfeld Story, by The Hive Studios.

07/15/11  EMF provides editorial consulting services for
Habitat Media's feature documentary release, Priceless, winner of the D.C. International Film Festival's Grand Jury Award.

01/01/11 through 06/30/11  EMF suspended operations from January through June of 2011 due to a leave of absence by our president, Bob Silvestri.  Activity resumed with ongoing advisory roles on the Harmony Initiative for
Balcony Films and the Prince Charles Charitable Trusts and the Red Hot Green China documentary and educational outreach project with The Hive Studios.


11/30/10  EMF provides project fundraising and development consulting for the 
Citizen Global Gulf Coast Newsdesk project for Citizen Global.

11/15/10  EMF is no longer accepting requests for funding or fundraising assistance for 2010. A notice will be posted when we reopen submissions. At this time we estimate that will be April of 2011. Requests for advisory and project development assistance will still be considered.

11/03/10  EMF provides project development and fundraising advisory services to
Oil and Water, a new documentary about fair trade oil and the tragedies that have occurred in Ecuador.

10/26/10  Bob Silvestri appears at the
IIFF Town Hall Meeting presenting "Crowd Sourcing, Co-Creation, Streaming Media and the Deconstruction of the Film Business."

10/12/10  EMF provides advisory services to the
Julie Bergman Sender's Harmony documentary and public outreach initiative.

9/16/10  Bob Silvestri, founder of EMF, joins the
Mill Valley Film Festival's Active Cinema Panel, Saturday, October 16th at 11 a.m. at the 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley.

9/2/10    Bob Silvestri, founder of EMF, will be a participant at 
Good Pitch in San Francisco, October 3rd.

8/28/10   EMF participates as a panelist at the 
IIFF Angels Pitch Forum in San Francisco.

8/20/10   EMF provides fiscal sponsorship and fundraising advisory services for
theWildlifePortal.tv, a new online video channel showcasing National Geographic television host Jake Willers. The new web service provides videos and teaching tools about animals and their environment, to the general public and K-12 schools.

7/9/10     EMF acquires all assets and technology of
doGoodr.org.  The doGoodr Fund becomes a project of Environmental Media Fund creating opportunities for joint funding initiatives, and development of new social networking tools to assist media makers in their promotional and fundraising efforts.

7/7/10     EMF provides fiscal sponsorship and fundraising advisory services for
NatureBreak.org, an online video social networking tool about the environment and nature.

6/23/10   EMF Presents "Show Me The Money - Internet Crowd-Sourcing, Alternative Distribution & New Funding Methods" at the 
IIFF Town Hall in San Francisco.

6/15/10   EMF provides project development and funding consulting services for the Filmmakers Collaborative SF for their 2010 film slate.

5/7/10     EMF at the
IWFF in the news.

5/1/10     EMF provides project and funding consulting services for Michael Nash's Climate Refugees documentary and educational outreach project.

4/12/10 Bob Silvestri makes a special keynote presentation at the 
2010 International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana - May 2010. Visit their web site for information.

2/15/10 EMF fiscally sponsors Marianna Yarovskaya's new documentary, 
Shamans - Healing the World.

1/1/10  EMF resumes active support of projects dealing with cutting edge environmental, health and social justice issues.  Support is only available for a limited number of applicants. Please review our
submission guidelines and selection criteria.



7/01/09  EMF begins its ongoing advisory assistance to Caroline Harrison's Green China Rising documentary project. EMF provided legal and financial consulting, and story and project development.

6/30/09  EMF adds new films to the
EMF Showcase offering views about the world crisis we all face.

6/1/09   EMF begins accepting proposals and requests for assistance for 2009 - 2010.



6/30/08  The Board of Directors of EMF voted to place the organization on limited activity status in order to restructure priorities and goals. During this time, EMF will not be accepting inquiries. Consulting and advisory assistance will continue on a limited basis. 

6/10/08  EMF begins providing ongoing consulting services for the launch of
Blog4Reel, the first-ever competition giving bloggers the chance to have their blogs turned into actual movies

6/1/08  EMF enters discussions with Specialty Studios to form an ongoing alliance to sponsor packages of up to 12 documentaries and educational media deliverable (the "Momentum" Project), for general public distribution. 

5/15/08  EMF adds 
The Truth About GMOs to EMF Showcase.  A troubling account of why genetically modified organisms are potentially harmful to your health, the environment and future generations.

4/10/08   EMF adds 
Burning the Future to EMF Showcase.  David Novack's telling of the true story of community efforts to stop the most destructive form of energy development in the United States - mountain top remocal coal mining.

2/1/08   EMF adds Annie Leonard's 
The Story of Stuff to EMF Showcase.


12/31/07 EMF completes its study of methods of financing documentary production and distribution, The Documentary Project, and endorses the efforts of The Philanthropy Network's doGoodr project.

9/15/07   EMF sponsored 
South Central Farm chosen to premiere at the AFI Film Festival in November 07.

Public Citizen, Texas, selects EMF's Rising Sea to raise awareness about global warming with TXU Corp. shareholders and stop new coal fired power plants.

6/25/07   EMF adds 
Call of Life, by the Species Alliance, to EMF Showcase.

5/1/07     EMF sponsored film,
South Central Farm, is accepted as an episode for the fall season of Natural Heroes.

4/5/07    EMF provides advisory services to 
Juno Venture for their upcoming film on sustainable travel.

4/4/07    EMF adds
The Bio DaVersity Code, by Free Range Studios, to the EMF Showcase.

3/20/07    The Climate Change exhibition at the University of Graz in Austria chooses 
The Rising Sea for inclusion in their multi media public presentation.

2/15/07   EMF offers project development and technical assistance services to the producers of Chesapeake People, a documentary about the health of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem as told through the oral, personal histories of local fishermen, crabbers and oystermen. Producers include the Chesaeake Bay Maritime Museum and the American University School of Environmental Filmmaking.

2/10/07   EMF offers advisory services to director Leslie Blook Van Ee for her 
Mama Earth documentary project.

1/26/07   EMF adds 
The Mouth Revolution, by Free Range Studios, to the EMF Showcase.

1/10/07   EMF provides advisory services for John McDonald's documentary project, 
Ghost Mountain. 

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