PROJECT OUTCOMES: Environmental Media Fund will endeavor to incorporate its findings in its ongoing work with filmmakers, donors, investors and distributors. EMF will also offer specific proposals designed to remedy current deficiencies in media finance, to the media community during presentations at film festivals, at industry events, and through postings on its web site. Proposals for new business models will include projections of capitalization needs and ongoing revenue projections.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Specific proposals offered could produce substantial benefits for the production, funding and distribution of documentary films and factual programming as follows:

  • The establishment of an independent nonprofit entity might attract capital using methods unavailable to individual programming producers, including "packaging" of programming to spread risk for sponsors, and guaranteeing a reliable product stream to help achieve more favorable relationships with distributors;
  • The establishment of an independent entity might greatly diminish conflicts of interest that presently exist between commercial funders and independent programming producers;
  • A sustainable, independent nonprofit entity that can better facilitate distribution might stimulate new investment from a variety of nonprofit and commercial sources, and donor / investment advisors; and
  • Fees from transactions, services and partnership management, and revenue streams from licensing, distribution rights and advertising could be applied toward future projects.
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